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Company objectives are summarized in a few sentences: production, development, productivity, export, optimization of human resources and increase the efficiency, providing quality products and updated ,satisfy customers in the international markets.

About Us

Dayyani Machine industry started of 1379, its activity in the field of design & manufacturing of industrial machines, specially shearing, break press & punch CNC, PLC &hydraulic belending. it has used practiced group of staff & now has a big shear in upgrading Iran machine manufacturing industries.


Dayyani machine has the capacity to product: hydrulic shearing machines with shearing capacity up to 6 m & thickness up to 30 mm. ,electromechanical shearing with shearing capacity up to 3 m & thickness up to 4 mm. ,break press up to 500 ton. ,hydraulic belending machines with bend capacity up to 3 m & thickness up to 3 mm. ,punch press PLC with punch capacity sheets of 30 mm with diameter 30 mm., punch press CNC

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